Beach Ball
BB new bodie
Name Beach Ball
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Hearty, Cherry, Tomato, Toilet Paper, Present
Enemies Traffic Light ,Trophy , Tulip , Glue, Burger , Ruler
Occupation Contestant
Rank TBA
Color Blue, yellow, red and white

 Beach Ball is a male contestant in TSFTM. All though he is not seen ALL the time he is still friendly and kind. He is on team present, has participated in 2 of the 5 challenges, and he nearly got eliminated in episode 3, but by only 3 votes, He was safe, and Wardrobe was eliminated.


In Computer madness,

Beach ball received a present from Present, which was a sand bucket and a shovel. When Mic showed up, he wanted to become a team captain, but sadly wasn't as he was the 17th person to fall off the bar, by Hearty, placing him 4th in his first challenge which was pretty good.

He was the 3rd person picked onto team Present by Hearty who felt bad for accidentally knocking him off. Beach Ball didn't participate in the next challenge though, but his team won in the end.

In The Obstacle is The Path,

At the challenge, before he could even try to compete, Beach Ball was accidentally shot by Hearty, which made him cross all of the obstacles from the frozen lake, to the elevator. He was the second person to step on his team's lighting circle. When Hearty arrived, Traffic Light and Beach Ball had an argument on who was going to go down to pick him up. But in the end, they decided to both go and do so. But that wasn't a smart strategy, because when Trophy arrived, they had to run to the elevator once more, Traffic Light and Hearty managed to beat Trophy to their lighting circle, but Beach Ball was too slow so he didn't reach his on time, which made him losing for his team. Beach Ball was upset because he knew that he would get voted off because of that.

In A Smokin' Hot Drawing,

A shocking event happened. At elimination, he ended up becoming safe with the second highest number of votes which was 25, that was the closest voting ever, and Wardrobe was eliminated.

He did not participate in the next challenge.

In The Contestant Knock-Off,

Beach Ball only appeared in a deleted scene, in which he explained that he didn't want to participate in the next challenge because he was scared of being popped.

In The Haunted Forest,


  • Beach Ball is one of 3 characters to have a 2 word name (the other two are Traffic Light and Toilet Paper).
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