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Beneath the Lies (TSFTM Episode 6)

Challenge: To do Xmas things.

Kicked out: Banana, 16th place

Winners: No one (Team Present but no immunity medal)

Losers: Team Cool

Previous: The Haunted Forest

Next: TBA

Shoe's letter


Candle and Glue Building a snowman. Which there is a wall fort behind the boys. (And suddenly their voices are raspy)

Beach Ball and the 2 buddies sit down on logs.

Team Present's leader starts fire with Traffic Light and a happy Soap.

Banana showing his pupils and smiling whilst the others aren't.

Mic doesn't know how to land, like MePhone4.

All of the boys seem to like it, except for the girls. (Even Banana is laughing because of the gravity!)

Trophy is sucked up in the air from Present for absolutely no reason.

Almost about to bump into each other. And their eyes are closed.

In the intro, Candle and Glue look at Burger eating a cookie.

Ruler is afraid of heights, Banana is making a funny face.

Trophy talking about the contestants to Tulip. (She does the same pose in the older intro of episode 1-5)

Candle holding a snowball.

Shoe breaks the machine (Even BANANA!!!!)

Glue is SHOCKED!

Present holding the decorations and putting them up on a tree (Because she has no arms)

"YELLOW BALL!" Says Banana when he gets angry.

Glue does the same thing in the intro.

When the show is Under development, Burger's eyes are snail looking. This is a error.

Holding the freeze gun to shut Tomato's mouth down and freezing her until..


Ruler, Cigar, and Banana's backs are shown

Shoe moving the cloned Banana when Shoe got eliminated.

Banana is tied into ropes. Maybe sleeping or dead.

Is that HAMMER?!

Shoe pops out of a gunpowder ball. Everyone coughs.

He's on the urge to posses himself. As he yells in shock.