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Candle 3.png
Name Candle
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Glue (Best Friend), Tulip, Burger, Hammer, Cigarette, Trophy (formerly)
Enemies Trophy, Shoe, Traffic Light
Rank TBA
Color Beige, Black, Yellow, and Light Orange
Introduced in Computer Madness
Latest appearance Beneath The Lies (Part 1)
Voiced by Deedo886

Candle is a male contestant on The Strive For The Million. He is on Team Cool and has participated in 4 of the 5 challenges.


In Computer Madness,

Candle was the last person to fall in his first challenge which was to stand on a bar the longest. He got 3rd in this challenge and was knocked off by Trophy.

Candle was the 3rd person picked by Trophy and overall the 6th person picked from both teams. He was one of the 6 contestants on his team to participate in the second challenge, which was to access YouTube. He accidentally set his computer on fire, and he broke Glue's computer with Hammer to remove it from his head. Therefore, his team was up for elimination.

In The Obstacle is The Path,

At elimination, he received 8 votes which were the 4th least amount of votes. Then he came up with the idea of grilling everyone's chicken legs (which were the prizes for the elimination) with his flame. In the next challenge, which was an obstacle course, he easily crosses the mystery tiles with Glue and Hammer, then he pushed Glue to help him cross the frozen lake just like Tulip and Trophy's method. But he didn't succeed, leading to Glue breaking the ice and getting him frozen. After reaching the other side of the frozen lake and getting Glue out of the lake, he got an idea before defrosting him which was to ride him across the obstacle course. So with that method,he easily crossed the cliff and the locked door, but he accidentally took Tulip with him. Then, when they were close to the elevator, a brick appeared in front of them which made them fly and crash into the elevator leaving Glue behind. After he burnt the elevator, he was the first person on his team to step on his team's lighting circle, giving his team the win.

In A Smokin' Hot Drawing,

Candle didn't do much in this episode, as he was one of the contestants to not participate in it.

In The Contestant Knock-Off,

In the next challenge, he was the second person launched by Trophy. He knocked Toilet Paper off. After his team lost, they discovered that their slingshot was sabotaged which meant that there was a traitor in his team. And he was one of the suspects.


  • Candle was the first person on his team to step on his team's lighting circle in Episode 2.
  • So far, Candle has burned a computer, an elevator and has grilled some chicken legs.