Name Cigarette
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated The contestant knock-off
Allies Burger, Hammer and key (possibly)
Enemies Shoe, Tulip and Banana
Rank 18th
Color Black, White and light orange
Cigarette labeled, the smokin' hot character is a male contestant on TSFTM. He is on team cool and has participated in 3 of the 5 challenges. He is nice sometimes, but can be really mean  with people that he doesn't like. He usually bursts out smoke to his advantage or when he gets angry.


In Computer madness, 

Cigarette was arguing with shoe about how smelly shoe was and said that he is even more smelly then him. But then realised that it didn't come out right. He was then crushed by shoe, who jumped on top of him, then they started getting angry at each other when hearty came and separated them. He told them that they should be nic to each other like present, but they just ignored him.

At the first challenge, Cigarette got angry at banana, so he burst out some smoke to knock him off, but banana acidentally hit him, which made him jump after him when he fell. Making him the 6th person to fall ( 15th place )

He was the 8th person to be picked on team cool and got mad when he found out that shoe, his arch enemy, also joined the team.

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