The Strive For The Million Wiki

(In the col)

hammer:thats it i'm escaping

shoe:but what about us


(the eliminated contestants bounce high enough and land over the col)

hammer:now lets hide in the inanimate insanity 2 set

(the eliminated contestants ran to the inanimate insanity 2 set)

(in trophy and tulip's cabin)

trophy:who is the traiter

tulip:it is...RULER!


tulip:because you are

mic:its time for elimination

(elimination song: the votes are in where all set who will go we don't know yet but all the viewer have voted so let's find out who's eliminated)

mic:welcome to the elimination area team present we got 1564 votes with 1000 likes and 564 dislikes let's show the likes






(traffic light=0)

(beach ball=0)

Mic:hearty wins the prize

hearty:whats my prize?

mic:your prize is an advantage next episode

hearty:wow thanks

mic:now let's show the dislikes

(beach ball=500)

(traffic light=64)






mic:beach ball is elilinated ANCHOR!!

(anchor punch beach ball to the col)

mic:your next challenge is to do a test GO!

(10 minutes later)

mic:everyone is done let's see the score

(team cool=100)

(team present=0)

mic:team present is up for elimination but first the debut

mic:the person debuting is evil hammer

evil hammer:yes and just because I'm evil hammer doesn't mean I'm evil

mic:evil hammer will go to team cool

mic:so vote for hearty present key traffic light soap cherry tomato or toilet paper to be eliminated like or dislike in the commet voting ends in the 31st of july and episode 8 will come whenever it's done