relatives = Soap (niece)
image = hammer_bodie.png
caption = Dan Dan
gender = Male
allies = Glue, Candle, Soap, Cigarette (formerly)
enemies =Trophy, Tulip, Shoe, Cigarette
color = Pink
Episode Eliminated: TBA

Hammer is a male contestant competing on The strive for the million. He was eliminated in episode 5 named "The Haunted Forest" because Trophy thought he was the traitor he went to Heizei-kyo for some reason.

This was proven wrong in Episode 6.

His personality...he hasnt shown a lot of personality, but has been shown to try and stand up for himself when his opponent is weaker (example- when trophy yelled at him, he didnt fight back but when cigarette yelled at him he yelled back), and in episode 2 when he pranked glue, showing that he likes to joke a bit

In episode 1.1, when ruler asked him what they should do, he said to go get some ice cream, ruler reminded him that they have no money, and thats when microphone appeared and knocked hammer off screen

In episode 1.2, tulip used him to hit a bug but she instead hit other people and when she fell off she took hammer with him

He was picked to be on team cool by candle

Candle used him to smash a computer which he wasnt too happy about, his team ended up losing the challenge

In episode 2, he pranked glue and karma hit him and he fell inside of shoe, he demanded glue to get him out but glue somehow got hammer and shoe stuck on his head, when glue went to go find candle, he slipped on soap and he went down a hill

During the elimination he was set free.

He was safe from elimination

In the challenge he didnt do much as he fell in the lake and was frozen, but when the challenge ended, trophy defrosted him

In episode 3 he did almost nothing, when glue said he was glad to be defrosted, hammer told him to speak for himself

In episode 4, he asked trophy if he could use the slingshot, she told him that he could but he launched ruler under traffic light's platform by accident, trophy got a bit angry and launched him, he ended up knocking off tomato

In episode 5, he and trophy got into an argument as trophy accused him of being the traitor, she told hammer that she's going to tell everyone that he's the traitor and thats exactly what she did, as it caused his elimination

In the after credits scene, when cigarette asked him why he got eliminated, he explained that everyone thought he was the traitor

In episode 6.1, he got into an argument with cigarette because of a letter (shoe wrote it and framed hammer), he ended up telling cigarette that their friendship was over and he walked away

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