The Strive For The Million Wiki
Name Hearty
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Shoe Trophy
Color Red



Hearty in episode 5.

Hearty is a male contestant in The Strive For The Million. He is the leader of Team Present.


Hearty is a very generous and loving contestant. He very much cares about everyone on the show (ex. sounding on the verge of tears when Wardrobe was eliminated, having a hard time choosing who to eliminate), and he is generally kind to everyone. He's the only contestant who can fly and the only legless contestant.


In Computer Madness, he was first seen telling Shoe and Cigarette to be nice like Present. As Present gave gifts to the other contestants, he tells Present that she's very nice and generous. During the challenge, he knocks Traffic Light and Beach Ball off the beam by accident, asking Trophy if she wanted to make an alliance with him and shooting his arms out.  She said no, knocking Candle off so they were on opposite teams. He then became a team captain. He easily accessed YouTube during the challenge.


  • Hearty is the only contestant on the show who can fly.
  • Hearty is also the only contestant on the show without legs.