The Strive For The Million Wiki
Name Key
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Hearty Hammer Cherry Tomato Ruler Present Toilet Paper
Enemies trophy burger
Rank TBA
Color Gold

 Key, labeled smarty pants, is male contest in The Strive For The Million. He is a smart male on team present and has participated in 4 of the 5 challenges


In Computer madness,

Key was telling soap to not stand there like that because someone would trip on her and that was traffic light. When traffic light told soap to watch where she's going, key told her that soap can't talk. When mic showed up, he wanted to be a team captain but sadly didn't as he was the second person to fall off the bar, knocked off by ruler, giving him 19th place in this challenge.

Key was picked by traffic light on team present because he was smart, and he actually proved that by being the first person to acess YouTube on his computer, giving his team the win.

In The obstacle is the path,

He managed to cross most of the obstacles on the obstacle course. He encouraged wardrobe to cross the frozen lake then pushed him, but that resulted into breaking the frozen lake. He followed cherry and tomato's strategy to cross the broken frozen lake by jumping on the frozen contestants. He used ruler to cross the gorge. traffic light actually used him to open the locked door and he was so mad at her but when he realised that trophy and tulip were going to use him too, he told them to not even think about it and jumped off. In the end, his team lost and was up for elimination.

In A smokin' hot drawing,

He got 10 votes in total which was the 4th highest number of votes. In the end, Wardrobe got eliminated and when traffic light said that When you got to go, you got to go, he corrected her and told her that it was the wrong meaning ( as this sentence is used when you want to go to the bathroom ). 

At the next challenge, he told hearty that he was a pro at drawing so he can participate in the challenge. He used geometric tools to draw his flower and told traffic light that everyone else would get a 0 except her. He kept measuring and tracing that traffic light decided to leave him and focus on her drawing, but when he finished and said the word voila, she immediately came back and told him that she didn't know he started lurning french. His video tape about his flower was very delicate and he told the viewers to not dare press the dislike button, which made a lot of people press it.

In The contestant knock-off,

He asked cigarette why he was so upset when tulip snached his drawing, but then found out for himself and walked away.

At the art results, he wanted to stand on an alizarin crimson platform. His drawing ended up getting 50 likes which really angered him and 31 dislikes which made him angry because mic threw his lipstick through his hole. Key decided to not participate in the next challenge as it was too dangerous for him, but in the end, his team won and got to vote for a contestant on the opposite team to be eliminated.