The Strive For The Million Wiki
Name Shoe
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated The obstacle is the path (24 votes)

Rejoin in the return episode 7 season 1

Allies Banana, Cigarette, Soap (one sided on her side)
Enemies Everyone else
Rank 20th place ( the obstacle is the path)


Color Light Brown

Shoe is a limbless male contestant on TSFTM. He is mostly mean. He is on team cool and was the first eliminated therefore, he only got to participate in 1 of the 5 challenges, due to being unable to participate in the first team challenge.


In Computer madness,

Shoe was fighting with Cigarette because he called him smelly and when Mic showed up, he wanted to become a team captain but he was the 13th person to fall out of the challenge giving him 7th place.

Shoe was the last person to be picked on a team, no one really wanted him as he was mean, limbless and smelly. He did not compete in the next challenge and his team lost.

In The obstacle is the path,

Hammer bumped into Shoe and Shoe got angry so he kicked him, but Hammer landed inside him, then Glue was stuck to him, then Glue stepped on Soap which made them slide on a bumpy hill.

Before the elimination started, Shoe was telling Cigarette that he's so dumb and that it was so obvious that he would get eliminated, Cigarette told him at least I has legs, which led them into another fight but mic showed up, separated them and started the elimination.

At the elimintion, Shoe was still stuck to Glue and Hammer and Anchor freed them by throwing them on the floor.

In the end, Shoe ended up getting eliminated with a total of 24 votes, and he was immediately kicked by Anchor to the Castle of Losers.

Shoe is the traitor shown in Episode 6. He hid Banana somewhere and put the impostor in.


  • Shoe is the only contestant to be limbless, though this was proven wrong when Shoe revealed he had legs in Episode 6 Part 1.