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Team Cool is one of the opposing Teams on The Strive For The Million. The Captain is Trophy and the opposing team is Team Present.


Status of Team Cool
Contestant Gender Rank on Team Rank Voted Off  Episode voted off Reason for elimination
Shoe Male  10th 20th The obstacle is the path He was very mean to most people, especially Cigarette and was considered Useless by Trophy.
Cigarette Male 9th 18th The Contestant Knock-Off His drawing was the worst out of the viewers pick, and he did not let Tulip see his drawing. even though they were on the same team.
Hammer Male 8th 17th The Haunted Forest He was voted off by many contestants because he was accused of being a Traitor for sabotaging the Slingshot last episode by Trophy.


Male 7th 16th Beneath the Lies He was very stupid and random, he was also in the bottom 2 before he also was the real traiter (Shoe)
Burger Male TBA
Candle Male TBA
Glue Male TBA
Ruler Female TBA
Trophy (Leader) Female TBA
Tulip Female TBA