The Haunted Forest
The Strive For The Million Episode 5 ''The haunted Forest''

The Strive For The Million Episode 5 ''The haunted Forest''

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Date Released July 22, 2014
Eliminated Hammer (4 votes)
Challenge Escaping a haunted forest
Winner(s) Team Present, especially Toilet Paper
What the Viewers Vote for Team Cool
Previous The Contestant Knock-off
Next Beneath The Lies
The Haunted Forest is the fifth episode of TSFTM. It is the first episode in Object Show History to not be BFIS and have a big scene of sleeping. Zzzzz...


The episode starts with Trophy and Tulip discussing their loss of the last challenge.  Trophy wonders who the traitor of the team is.  As soon as Hammer is about to respond, Trophy says Hammer's the traitor, because he knocked Ruler (who could have knocked everyone over), then sabotajed the slingshot.  Trophy then wanders off to announce that Hammer's the traitor, and Tulip happily said he had to see that coming.


After the title screen, the contestants are shown sleeping in beds, with some interesting parts:

  • Present's on a mat written on it "team Present FTW".
  • Cherry and Tomato are sharing covers and their teddy bear from Episode 3 is seen.
  • Toilet Paper is wrapped with her toilet paper.
  • Soap is under her blanket.
  • Traffic light is sleeping on a mattress with a blanket.
  • Hearty, key and beach ball are sleeping with a blanket normally.
  • Candle is listening to music and Burger is holding a bag of nachos ( one fell in his mouth ).
  • Banana is not in any covers; his back is seen and his hands are shaking crazily.
  • Ruler is under two blankets.
  • The RCs were sleeping, which might be a reference to BFIS episode 3 .
  • Speaking of BFIS, Brownie and Carrot are two of the RCs! Also, Trash Bag and Yarn are there; and are BFIS 4 RCs at the same time.
  • The only contestants to be seen sleeping after the RCs are Trophy and Tulip, in a cabin, because they're BFFs.
  • Unlike BFIS, their mouths are snoring.

Then Microphone wakes everyone with a huge alarm clock.

Elimination Edit

In this episode has a new elimination song sunged by Team Present.


Present: The choice is ours, we're gonna' choose

Hearty: Which member of Team Cool is gonna' lose

Cherry: They're gonna' be seven but they're still eight

Team Present members: And it's up to us to decide!

Tomato: Their fate!

Portrait Contestant Name


Trophy 3
Tulip 0
Banana 0
Glue 0
Ruler 0
Burger 2
Candle 0


4   (Eliminated)

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