The obstacle is the path is the second Episode of The Strive for the Million. 

The obstacle is the path
The Strive For The Million episode 2 "The obstacle is the path"

The Strive For The Million episode 2 "The obstacle is the path"

Season 1, Episode 2

Winner(s) Team Cool
Eliminated Shoe (24 votes)
Challenge Complete an Obstacle Course with 5 Parts. The first team to get 3 contestants to the end of the Obstacle Course will win tor their team.
Next Episode A smokin' hot drawing
Previous Episode computer madness


Before the IntroEdit


Trophy asks what happened to Tulip, and Tulip said that last night, while she was looking herself in the mirror, someone thrown an Electric Wire on her , causing her wavy body appearance. Since that is the first time Team Cool got here, Mic teaches them how eliminations work. He said that if he/she gets a prize, he/she is safe from elimination, but if he/she got the most votes, Anchor will punch him/her to the Castle of Losers. Trophy asks him what will be the Prize, which he said that the Contestant with the least amount of votes/dislikes or the most likes will choose the prize for that Elimination. As Mic starts the elimination, Glue asks him that Shoe and Hammer are stuck in her head. Anchor throws them. separating them. Mic tells everyone that they got 82 votes. He said that Burger got the least amount of Votes at 2 votes, so he will pick the prize, which turns out to be Chicken Legs. Mic throws a Chicken Leg to him, causing him to eat it. Mic said that Tulip and Trophy are also safe because they won immunity last episode, because they were the only ones that got to Youtube. Glue got the second least amount of votes at 4 so he is safe, along with Ruler (6 votes), Candle (8 votes) and Hammer (10 votes). This leaves Shoe , Banana and Cigarette in the Bottom 3. Cigarette was safe at 12 votes, leaving either Banana or Shoe to be eliminated. When the votes are shown, it turns out that Banana was safe at 16 votes and Shoe was eliminated at 24 votes. While Shoe exclaims, Banana eats the Chicken Leg, with a burp. Shoe was kicked out to the Castle of Losers by Anchor.

Trophy was glad that Shoe was gone for being mean and useless. Candle asks everyone if they want to fry their Chicken Leg by putting it on Candle's flame, and everyone wants to. Later, Trophy tasted it.

Elimination BreakdownEdit

Elimination Results
Portrait Contestant # of votes % of votes
Trophy Both None, Both Won Immunity 0% each
File-Tulip 2
Burger 2.44%
Glue 4 4.88%
Ruler 6 7.32%
Candle 3
Candle 8 9.76%
Hammer 10 12.2%
Cigarette 12 14.634%
Banana 16 19.512%
Shoe 24 29.27%
82 Total Votes


Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • All the votes in the elimination were even, meaning they are divisible by 2 or it is 0.
  • When Mic started showing the Votes, Tulip turned into her normal form.
  • The tiles in the obstacle course is a reference to Episode 15 from Inanimate Insanity.
  • This episode was mistaken as Episode 3.
  • This is currently the only episode in which Team Cool won the challenge.
  • Ruler is the only girl that received votes.
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