Toilet Paper
Name Toilet Paper
Gender Female
Team Present
Episode Eliminated TBD
Allies Hearty, Burger, Key, Cherry, Tomato, Banana, Beach Ball, Traffic Light, Present
Enemies Shoe, Trophy, Hammer
Rank TBD
Color White
Introduced in Computer Madness
Latest appearance Beneath The Lies

Toilet Paper is a female contestant on The Strive For The Million. She is on Team Present and has participated in only three of the five challenges. She shares this trait with Ruler, Cigarette, Tomato, and Banana.

Performance in Challenges

In the first challenge, Toilet Paper was knocked off the balance beam by Soap, who flew into a group of contestants on the bar after being hit away by Tulip. In that same episode, she was the 15th person chosen. In the second challenge, Toilet Paper didn't participate at all, along with Tomato, Soap, Beach Ball, Ruler, Shoe, Cigarrette, and Banana. In the third challenge, Toilet Paper was knocked into a bottomless chasm by Banana. Toilet Paper did not participate in the fourth challenge, which was an art contest. In the fifth challenge, Toilet Paper was the first shootee to be knocked off of her platform; she was knocked off by Candle, who was shot by Trophy. In the sixth challenge, she was the first to find the finish line and won an Immunity Medal.


  •  Toilet Paper was only up for elimination once (as of Episode 6), receiving 13 votes, which was the third most.
  • Toilet Paper was the first shootee to get knocked off the platform in Episode 4's challenge.
  • The only other contestants with a two-word name on the show are Beach Ball and Traffic Light.
  • She placed eighth in the first challenge, which was to stay on top of a balance beam the longest.
  • She is the only armless contestant to have received an immunity medal.
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