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Shopkinlover371 formerly labeled The cleaning up wikia contributor/fandom user/shopkinlover, Is a person who likes to clean up wikis. She also messes up stuff in the shopkinsworld wiki and likes to betray Digger35.

Shopkinlover371 (when logged in) (formerly)
Name Shopkinlover371 (when logged in) (formerly)
Gender Female
Team The Wikia contributors (formerly) The shopkinlovers (when logged in)
Allies Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies User:Digger35 (one sided, her side), All Staff in the fandom network (thinks they're lazy), User: (That idiot wants to hate Bfdi and he also called beach ball a stupid hoe but HE'S the only STUPID hoe here he also said that the wiki sucks but it does NOT suck you idiot and he said hey let's throw Burger down but that's not nice you idiot ):<) User: (He told beach ball to stop losing for his team and make his team be up for elimination but he must stop making comments like that and he kept on saying soap hate comments he said fuckin soap dummy soap and soap is lame but YOU SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , -_- I'm sick of this behaviour) User: (ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT HATING THIS WIKI AND SAYING HELL?!?!?!?!?!?! WELL GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?! I THINK I HATE YOU THE MOST ON MY ENEMIES LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:<) User: (He thinks that beach ball is the TRAITOR but he's not you idiot YOU ARE THE TRAITOR U IDIOT LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:< HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) User: (THIS IDIOT CALLED BURGER FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT HE'S THE ONLY FAT ONE HERE!!!!!!!!! NOT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Occupation Saint Oliver plunkett primary school
Rank Y5
Color Pink (outfit), Brown (hair), Blue (eyes)
Introduced in Talk Button: (diff | hist) with (From object mayhem)
Latest appearance When logged in = name will be Shopkinlover371
Voiced by TBA

Personality Edit

She is a nice but sometimes mean person. When someone does mean stuff, she puts them in her enemies list.

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