Digger35 Labeled The contangious spammer, Is a male user who likes to spam.

Poopy lol
Me and me being a poop
Name Pooper35
Gender Poop
Team Team Digger35 the poop
  1. teamdigger35thepoop
Episode Eliminated Episode 0
Allies User:2800:23C5:94E6:DF00:64EE:6128:DA91:7A68 and and User:
Enemies User:Digger35
Occupation Spammer
Rank 1st in the logged in spammers -infinite in the best logged in ppl
Color Poop in his penis loloololol
Introduced in Talk Burger: (diff | hist) with (My penis is too) </nowiki> Talk Burger: (diff | hist) (Im soooo a poop)</nowiki>
Latest appearance <nowiki>Talk Burger: (diff | hist ) with (Im soooooo a poop *shoots himself* DED! Me: punshes and kills him lololol<nowiki>
Voiced by Poop's penis

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