Name Wardrobe
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated A Smokin' Hot Drawing (28 votes)
Allies Key, Hearty, Present, Burger, Toilet Paper, Beach Ball, Soap, Traffic Light
Enemies Microphone, Anchor
Rank 19th
Color Brown
Introduced in Computer Madness
Latest appearance Beneath The Lies (Part 1)
Voiced by Deedo886

Wardrobe in episode 2.

Wardrobe is a male contestant in The Strive For The Million.

He does not get much screen time. He was on Team Present and was eliminated in A smokin' hot drawing, with only 28 votes.


  • He has the lowest ranking out of the members on Team Present.
  • He is the only male with all limbs on Team Present.
  • Him and Traffic Light are the only ones on Team Present with four limbs.
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